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“Eco -Luxury Wild”Harmonizing with Nature through Leopard-inspired Art


"Eco-Luxury Wild" – A jewelry brand that pursues eco-friendly leopard art and a sense of luxury

Inspired by the beauty of nature, our unique jewelry celebrates and respects the precious ecosystems of our planet. When worn, our pieces evoke a sense of harmony with the natural world and bring forth the powerful energies of both "male" and "female" aspects of life.

We capture the distinctive personalities of animals and express their movement and vitality through our designs. Our philosophy is to recreate the beauty of the natural world in every detail and imbue our jewelry with it.

Our jewelry is crafted using environmentally friendly materials and techniques, always striving for the highest value.


Calmi is a jewelry brand that seeks to create unique beauty and sustainable designs. Our founder passionately supports wildlife conservation and has expressed the beauty and strength of nature through leopard-inspired jewelry.

Calmi's products are made with high-quality materials and environmentally friendly methods. A portion of our sales is donated to wildlife conservation organizations, allowing customers to feel a connection to nature when wearing Calmi's jewelry.

Calmi's jewelry shines in various settings, from everyday wear to special occasions, captivating those who wear it. We hope that our customers enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in harmony with nature through Calmi's jewelry.


Calmi strives to create a world of leopard-inspired jewelry that enchants people with its unique art while aiming for a world where both humans and animals can live happily.

Using 18k gold, platinum, and silver, combined with diamonds and gemstones, our beautiful designs are characterized by their quality and our patented technique (Patent No. 4138866) for meticulously hand-painting leopard patterns. This method requires both artistic sense and specialized skills possessed only by a select few artisans, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations.

Our products employ environmentally conscious materials and manufacturing processes, allowing you to enjoy our leopard-inspired jewelry that pursues beauty and individuality while coexisting with the Earth.

Discover your unique style and radiate your own brilliance with Calmi.

Brand Concept


Did you know that there are only 3,900 tigers left in the world? As humans have pursued their own comfort, many animal lives have been threatened. We must confront this reality and continue to think about what we can do, from small to large actions, for a world where humans and animals can live together.


In collaboration with the British animal conservation organization David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, all proceeds from our collaboration model will be used to fund activities to protect endangered wildlife and combat poaching.


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