Calmi Cuori Appassionati (hereinafter referred to as "Calmi") recognizes the importance of personal information in terms of conducting its business operations, and places highest priority in ensuring that such information is fully protected. The following guidelines have been designed to provide peace of mind for our customers and to generate confidence. All employees have been informed of these guidelines and will strive to protect personal information. Furthermore, Calmi will not only treat personal information of individuals with the greatest care, but also the information of corporate clients and clients of other entities in the same appropriate manner.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

To protect personal information, Calmi complies with laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law and guidelines published by various government authorities.

2. Handling of Personal Information

To protect personal information, Calmi has an organized system that corresponds to actual operations, and personal information is handled in an appropriate and prudent manner according to internal rules and other regulations.

  1. (1) Collecting personal information
  2. Calmi clarifies the purpose for collecting personal information when collecting such information through written forms, Web interfaces, in face-to-face interactions, and other lawful and fair means. Personal information may also be collected when succeeding other businesses due to mergers or other reasons.

  3. (2) Using and providing personal information
  4. Calmi manages personal information in a strict manner, and except when required by law, this information will only be used or provided according to the purpose approved by the customer.

  5. (3) Handling of anonymized personal information
  6. Calmi handles personal information that has been processed so that particular individuals cannot be identified (anonymized) appropriately in accordance with guidelines that were established to strictly protect customers' privacy.

3. Measures for Security and Control

To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, Calmi takes reasonable measures against such risks as unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, and loss of or damage to personal information.

4. Supervision of Employees and Subcontractors

To ensure the enforcement of security and control measures and the proper handling of personal information, Calmi carries out the necessary education and training of its employees.

Calmi may need to entrust the handling of personal information, either in full or in part, to other parties in sales and information desk functions for products and services, repairs and maintenance, processes related to charges, marketing, and other business functions. In these cases, Calmi will select companies that are recognized to be capable of handling personal information properly. Consignment contracts will stipulate safety and control measures, confidentiality, conditions for redistribution, and other issues regarding the handling of personal information in a proper manner, and Calmi will supervise the subcontractor appropriately as required.

5. Maintenance and Improvements on the Management System (Compliance Program) for the Protection of Personal Information

Calmi will make continuous efforts to review and improve the management system (compliance program) for the protection of personal information to maintain the best condition possible.