Calmi Cuori Appassionati is the jewelry brand which respects the Nature. We put some animal and natural patterns on rare metals with the highly skilled technology, of which we have the international patent. We shape the power of the nature, the order of which we are fascinated and respect. We create “male” and “female” through giving the energy, and bringing instincts back to the humans. We respect the Nature and reproduce humans’ instincts. The way to express the animals’ personality is not “Static”, but “Dynamic”. To express the everything in the Nature on the jewelry, that is our principle.



Calmi jewelry have one and only patterns which are created by a few limited craftsmen. We have the international patent (no.4138866) with which we engraved some patterns (like animal skin) on rare metals. With those skillful craftsmen, we offer you one and only jewelry that have delicate expressions of animal skin with detailed animal hair and places of the patterns.


Calmi jewelry use carefully selected natural diamonds or gemstones. Ion Plating Technology is used to keep the patterns vivid and beautiful. And Calmi jewelry are ceramic-coated (5H of Mohs hardness) for preventing from being sulfide (tarnished, dark looking), because we think it is the most important for the jewelry to be kept beautiful (patterns on jewelry).




We think we are borrowing patterns from animals and put them on Calmi jewelry. So to be clear that we respect animals and the nature surrounding them, we are the member of the world’s animal and nature protection organization (fund) and donate part of the profits from the sales to it to show the appreciation to the animals and the nature.


The patterns are tough and will be kept vivid and beautiful. However they are not permanent. They’ll get thinner with age or the usage. We offer a repair (repatterning) for the fist time for free. We can repair any number of times if you want, but please note we charge you repairing fee from the second time on. (Repairing service is not available if you do not have The Guarantee Card.)