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Calmi Cuori Appassionati is the jewelry brand which respects the Nature. We put some animal and natural patterns on rare metals with the highly skilled technology, of which we have the international patent. We shape the power of the nature, the order of which we are fascinated and respect. We create “male” and “female” through giving the energy, and bringing instincts back to the humans. We respect the Nature and reproduce humans’ instincts. The way to express the animals’ personality is not “Static”, but “Dynamic”. To express the everything in the Nature on the jewelry, that is our principle.


Calmi jewelry have one and only patterns which are created by a few limited craftsmen. We have the international patent (no.4138866) with which we engraved some patterns (like animal skin) on rare metals with plated metals. With those skillful craftsmen, we offer you one and only jewelry that have delicate expressions of animal skin with detailed animal hair and places of the patterns.


Like no people are the same and no animails are the same, no jewelry of Calmi Cuori Appassionati are the same. Each pieces has its unique pattern with detail hair of animals engraved by highly skilled craftsmen.


We work together with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and designed special rings. All the profit is going to DSWF and use to save endangered animals or prevent animals from being poached.



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